Source code for PyXA.apps.Console

""".. versionadded:: 0.0.5

Control the macOS Console application using JXA-like syntax.

from enum import Enum
from AppKit import NSFileManager, NSURL

from PyXA import XABase
from PyXA.XABase import OSType
from PyXA import XABaseScriptable
from ..XAProtocols import XACanOpenPath

[docs] class XAConsoleApplication(XABaseScriptable.XASBApplication): """A class for managing and interacting with .. versionadded:: 0.0.5 """
[docs] def select_device(self, uuid: str) -> "XAConsoleApplication": """Select a device. :param uuid: The UUID of the device to select :type uuid: str :return: The application ject :rtype: XAConsoleApplication .. versionadded:: 0.0.5 """ self.xa_scel.selectDevice_(uuid) return self